Best Haunted Houses Near Boston Oct 21, 2022

Whether it comes creeping or barreling in with jack o’lanterns, costume parties, spooky urban legends, and eerie decor, Halloween is here. And there’s no better place to find the thrill of a good jump scare than the dark and bone-chilling hallways of a haunted house. Here are a few Halloween haunts we highly recommend for a pleasantly unnerving experience this season.

Fright Kingdom
Located an hour from Boston, Fright Kingdom offers six spine-chilling attractions for a limited time, all of which are guaranteed to keep you on edge throughout your visit. From the Bloodmare Manor to the contaminated Apocalypse Z attraction, there’s something to frighten everyone at this ghoulishly immersive destination.

The Lost Museum
Hidden within this haunted attraction in Salem, ghosts and monsters await. The underground exhibit at The Lost Museum doubles as an escape room featuring cursed artifacts and unsettling spaces threatening to keep you trapped forever. The added jump-scares, special effects, and living portraits at this haunted museum will keep you reeling even after you’ve made your escape.

Fright Park
New to Palmer, MA, the world of nightmares at 13th World’s Fright Park is an exciting way for the bravest of the brave to embrace the Halloween spirit this year. Offering three hair-raising attractions, this haunted event is well worth the drive, as you’ll encounter some of the scariest trails and mazes New England has to offer.

Witch’s Woods
Witch’s Woods is a Halloween-lover’s paradise that features an abundance of activities infused with the Halloween spirit. Each year, the new and impossible-to-anticipate scare tactics make every attraction at this event a must-try. Open every Friday through Sunday in October, the haunted hayrides, jack o’lantern jamboree, and chamber of chills are fun for all in search of a spine-tingling adventure.

Haunted Overload
Famous for its 3 Levels of Fear, Haunted Overload in Lee, NH, caters to those looking to experience Halloween in the light of day or the dead of night. Whether you’re interested in a scare-free exploration of the location by day or the award-winning horror show (featuring the most frightening creatures in New England), this attraction offers all the thrills and horrors of Halloween.